So. Quantum Physics. Meditation. Spellwork. Herbalism. Sustainability. Philosophy. Art.

What do all of these have in common?

These are all forms of exploring the power of consciousness to influence material reality.

There are so many ways to approach this topic. What it says is “own your actions & clear your subconscious so you may see & create cleanly”.

Let’s start small. Particles & waves of energy are what create the appearance of matter. Any physicist will tell you that. What’s really interesting though, is that the person watching the experiment is what determines what happens in it. Remember we’re working on a subtle realm. It’s not your conscious mind deciding anything. Matter. Energy. Is either/or, depending on your consciousness. This is why studies show that intention to see ‘0’s or ‘1’s in a random nuber generator, produces that result. People who intend to have the random number generator produce more 0’s, end up seeing more zeros. People who intend to produce more 1’s, do. The wave function just tells you that particles of matter either appear as a wave or as a particle. They’re always both until the moment they are observed. Very Holy trinity type stuff. Your conscious presence creates, making you Creator. The particles/waves of energy being the paradox that is the myth of god. When these “three” are unified in your attention, you can do something about it.

Your conscious, present intention literally changes the universe.

It’s subtle but don’t worry, we’re only starting small. The layers of creation-building are vast. And there are so many angles, disciplines to explore it from! I’ll continue to share what I’ve/am learning. I hope you craft a beautiful day, fellow creator.

the illustration above references how the observer effect collapses the wave function